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DBA Activities

It's difficult enough to get a good DBA let alone keep one. An average DBA costs 40,000 and most days spends’ 1 hour on DBA activities. But when you need a DBA you need a DBA or the business suffers. We can supply DBA skills on an ad-hoc, or predefined regular basis.

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ORACLE Upgrades

Even for companies with a DBA it's often a nightmare to upgrade as there is always the risk of applications failing, worse still that the database fails and what of the choices and decisions on compatibility settings which may affect the future.

And if you don't upgrade what about support? We can help with ORACLE upgrades from total provision to telephone help & guidance.

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Application Tuning

Everyone accepts that ORACLE is machine/resource hungry and that hardware is cheap but when the overnight processes take more time than available you have a problem. We can provide proven tuning techniques to make ORACLE run faster on your existing equipment with no risk. No gain, no pain. (No improvement - No charge). Innovations Case Study.

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Health Checks

Sometimes you just what to know that you can sleep at nights without the fear that tomorrow the database runs out of tablespace or that an index will need rebuilding during the day. Our regular checks do just that so you can schedule work such as database re-organisation at your convenience often at weekends and Bank Holidays.

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